Types of Foil

Cold Foil

Cold foiling is the process of applying an adhesive to a substrate and then laminating an easy release foil onto the adhesive before curing the adhesive through the foil using a UV light source. 

We offer a range of cold foil in colours and silver holographic as well as cold foil for shrink applications

Hot Foil

This process is achieved by using a heated metal stamp applied with pressure on to a substrate to adhere the foil to your products or labels.

Hot foil requires no glue as the glue is activated by the heat. At K-Systems, we carry many hot foils for many different substrates.

We have foils that will adhere to coated and uncoated paper stock as well as plastic leather and many other applications. Batch and code foils are also available as well as pharmaceutical grade foils.

Toner Foil

This foil works with laminating machine. Toner foil reacts with the printed black toner on the paper to create a glue.

Toner foil will stick to un-coated paper that has been printer with laser jet printer. Wide range of colours to choose from.

Textile Foil

Also known as fabric foils. This process is achieved by screen printing a layer of glue on to your fabric and then heat pressing the foil to the glue.

Our foil a very durable and go through some extreme wash tests. We carry a wide variety of colours as well as holographic designs to choose from.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR)

Using a thermal transfer printer our range of TTR can be utilised in many different applications.ï¿

  • General wax
  • Premium wax
  • Wax resin
  • Textile resin
  • Standard resin
  • Extreme resin

We also offer Near edge wax resin for high-speed printing. We offer these ribbons on paper core or plastic cores
Please inquire on our custom sizes offered in in-wound or out-wound direction